Friday, August 5, 2011

PG Cookies

There is a title that I've been working hard to achieve and I'm fairly certain that these goodies have given me the competitive edge.  World's Best Sister.  I thought I had the award clinched when I gave my brother the opportunity to be an uncle to the cutest little girl, but it never hurts to keep campaigning.  When my brother, K, was coming into Pittsburgh from California to host a bachelor party I offered to make a few dozen sugar cookies for him.  I said I'd make PG-rated cookies, so I'm fairly certain that he had no idea what to expect from his older, married sister.  What did he get?
Super simple lingerie cookies.  All you have to do is cut the top off of a basic heart cookie and decorate to resemble bathing suits or bras and panties.  I made black, dark pink, and purple icing and was able to make 4 dozen cookies with no duplicate styles.  A few different sprinkles and sanding sugars added a special touch.   I used just a classic heart shape (Wilton Heart Cookie Cutter - Pink) and didn't worry about making the size all the same (I'm all for a variety of body types) but you could easily make them uniform by using a ruler to take the tops off.  Here are a few more of the styles.
While these were lingerie for a bachelor party, they could be a cute favor for a bridal shower (white lacy style), or a luau (bikini tops and grass skirt bottoms).  What's cooking with you today?

P.S.  Thank you to Rick Lamison Photography for the great pictures.