Monday, August 22, 2011

Animal Cracker Peach Crisp-for 2

Sometimes dessert just calls to you...even late at night, with nothing sweet in the house, and no desire to commit to a baking extravaganza.  Enter tonight's animal cracker peach crisp.  We had a few peaches left that were getting a little too soft, and with a 10-month-old in the house, animal crackers are pretty much a staple.  I didn't really want a "dessert" dessert, I was kind of hoping for a low guilt treat.  The animal crackers make a super mild topping that isn't too rich for the lightly sweet peaches.  It's definitely a recipe that will be a repeat in our house.    For best results, I would plop a huge dollop of fresh sweet cream on top, but my husband (who obviously hates things that are amazing) doesn't like whipped cream.  I know, I know, what person with a lactose tolerant stomach doesn't like cream whipped into delicious pillows of goodness, but he feels like it is a waste of stomach space.  Something to talk about in therapy, I guess.  I did drizzle a little Pampered Chef Caramel Sauce on top, mainly for decoration.  *Excuse the even worse that normal photograph, it was completely dark here in Pittsburgh!*

Animal Cracker Peach Crisp
Makes 2 servings (adjust as desired)

2 Large ripe fresh peaches
1 Cup crushed animal crackers (cracker style, not the shortbread style)
2 Tbl melted butter
2 Tbl sugar
Whipped Cream/Caramel Sauce/Ice Cream as desired

Preheat oven to 350°.  Chop each peach in a fine dice and place in the bottom of a oven proof dish (1 peach per dish).
Combine the crackers, the butter, and the sugar.  Divide and top the peaches with the mixture.  Gently pack down and bake 20 minutes.    Serve warm with whipped cream/ice cream/or caramel topping.  


  1. We always have a plethora of animal crackers around here to. Great idea to use them in a dessert!

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  2. I wish Joel would eat peaches - then I could make it! But I am thinking this might work with Apples too. yummy! Thanks Kacey!

  3. This looks very good, may try it this weekend....keep postin!