Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cookies for Marines

Well, cookies for one special Marine.  R was one of two best (truly) men at my wedding.  He was a college friend of my husband's (and mine), so I was fairly certain of the stories he could tell during a wedding toast.  *Not that I (or hubby) did any drinking or misbehaving at all in college.*  Leading up to the big day, he was away for training after completing ROTC training in college, so we didn't get to see him until our rehearsal.  I was still biting my nails about what they would say during their toast, but didn't want be 'that' bride that told people what to do.  Turns out, I completely wasted all of my worry.  R and the other best man gave the most wonderful toast I've ever heard.  They painted us as better people then we deserved, and made a few witty jokes to boot.  There was hardly a dry eye in the house (those that weren't crying obviously were made of granite), and I realized how lucky my husband and I are to have such gracious and loving friends.  I figured when R shipped out to Afghanistan, he deserved better than my 'regular' chocolate chip cookies, and so my journey into the addictive world of sugar cookies began.  

One of my first attempts at a rolled sugar cookie with royal icing.  After a little research, I discovered that a lot of cookies arrive to our military men and woman completely broken and stale, but the royal icing sugar cookie can usually hold up to the extreme temperatures and the long amount of time it takes boxes to arrive.  I decided to go just a little bit crazy with the blue and green and my husband thought I was insane with the writing on the cookies. 

R is a helicopter pilot in the USMC, so I also attempted a free hand helicopter.  Yes, the design could have easily been created by a 3rd grader, but it got the message across--and hey, people, it was my first time!

All in all though, I was really happy with the result, a simple, delicious cookie.  I have to credit Bridget from Bake @ 350 for the awesome cookie recipe, I haven't found one better yet!  Check out the recipe here: (I'm a huge blog stalker, I visit about 1,000 per day but only leave a comment about 1 in every 100 visits--don't be like me--say hi!).  I'll tell you more about my royal icing recipe next time!!  What's cooking with you today??

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